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jointSPACE requires recent TV software and a specific activation procedure described [here]
Wednesday 7th of December 2011
More TV features controllable over jointSPACE!!!

If you own a 2k11 model (xxPFL5xx6 to xxPFL9xx6), you can now use HTTP JSON queries to do more with the TV.
Among the new features supported:

- Channels list download and channel selection
- Sources list download and source selection
- Audio parameters control
- Ambilight control
- Read out system parameters
- Send basic RC commands

To test all this, use DirectFB voodoo discovery (or the TV menu) to identify the IP address of the TV and then simply connect to: http://ip-address:1925 using your favorite web browsers.
The JSON API documentation is available on the TV.
You can also run few examples directly on the TV:
Ambilight control: http://ip-address:1925/1/examples/ambilight/ambilight.html
Audio control: http://ip-address:1925/1/examples/audio/volume.html

You can also browse the JSON API documentation here

Have a lot of fun and don't forget to inform us about your interresting applications that we can host for you on this web site!!

J-M & the JSON team
Monday 5th of December 2011
I have uploaded few homebrew applications from the community (available as source code in the file repository)
-JSTx a Nokia N900 application from Sander Raaijmakers to push custom png to the TV
-Homebrew Browsera JointSPACE applications installer (Dashboard + Web interface Homebrew installer) for MacOS and Cygwin

J-M & Others
Wednesday 30th of November 2011
Denis has released a package called Fenestra which allows you to develop native Win32 DirectFB applications
I have uploaded the first version of the package to the file repository
The package includes the latest win32 jointSPACE SDK in source code and few samples
More can be found on

Denis & J-M
Monday 31st of October 2011
I have updated the latest SDK including HID and new RC API to be used from 2k11 TVs onward (mouse, keyboard) :
- jointSPACE SDK source package 1.3.1beta2
- Be aware that our new HTML/JSON API now allows to do more with our TVs (source/channel/ambilight control)
- more documentation on the TV itself! (http://ip-address:1925, 2k11 models only)

Tuesday 21st of June 2011
All development packages updated with latest DirectFB release now supporting FASTLZ compressed voodoo connection:
- jointSPACE simulator 1.6.3
- jointSPACE simulator demo 1.6.3
- jointSPACE SDK source package 1.3.1

Denis & J-M
Sunday 25th of April 2011
A new version the jointSPACE SDK for Win32 native is available here.
(few bugs fixed)

Denis & J-M
Tuesday 8th of March 2011
New SDK released
- 1.2.1beta6 (fixing Android discovery and issue when devices withdraw)

Sunday 13th of February 2011
Denis has ported all DirectFB packages natively to Win32!
A first version of the jointSPACE SDK for Win32 native is available here, in the files repository.
No need for Cygwin anymore, you will require Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express to compile the samples included in the package.

For people still strugling with Cygwin, we have created a tutorial describing the installation step by step and mentioning all issues you usually encount.
It is available here

Denis & J-M
Saterday 12th of February 2011
Tim has released the source code of his iPhone remote application
You can find it here

Tim & J-M
Saterday 12th of February 2011
Few fun applications released
- Mp3Play, a simple music visualiser in OpenGL (download)
- PacStandby, to shut off your TV a different way (download)
- jointSPACE SDK 1.2.1beta5 (prepared for future extensions)

Monday 3rd of January 2011
Happy New Year 2011!

Few updates:
- jointSPACE SDK 1.2.1beta3 (updated to improve Android discovery and for muti-screen application support)
- jointSPACE simulator demo 1.6.2 (now including jointSPACE applications server)
- jointSPACE simulator source package 1.6.2

Sunday 5th of December 2010
New SDK release (1.2.1beta2) now including the jointSPACE Application Server (voodooplay_server)
+ Android TV Remote application sample.

Denis & J-M
Wednesday 1st of December 2010
TV Remote application sample released for PC.

- Remote Control application developped on Cygwin
- Supporting future Applications Server (part of SDK 1.2.1beta2)

Source and Binary available in the download section.
Friday 26th of November 2010
Philips Wifi TV Remote has been released on the Apple Store.

- Supporting all IOS versions
- iPod, iPhone, iPad platforms

Follow this link for more information!

Tuesday 27th of October 2010
PluggIt 1.1 released.

- Removed dependency with VNC mirror driver
- Improved compatibity (PowerPoint in Full screen, Quicktime player...)
- Add basic remote control from the TV (via cursor and OK keys)
- Add automatic re-focus timeout when losing focus.

Sources and binaries available in the download section

Denis & J-M
Sunday 19th of September 2010
jointSPACE remote applications SDK ported to the Android platform.
SDK 1.2.1 Beta1 and samples have been released.
- Remote: Control your TV using your favourite Phone as Remote Control.
- Androbeam: Project all Android applications to your TV and enjoy them on a big screen.

All can be found here

Denis & J-M
Sunday 5th of September 2010
Simulator 1.6.1 released, featuring:
- Fusiondale voodoo support to use jointSPACE libraries API accross the network (e.g. plfApi)
- Few bugs fixes
- Corresponding Remote Application SDK 1.2 and Simulator Demo VMWARE image 1.6.1

All can be found here

Friday 13th of August 2010
Added PhotoView, an SDL/OpenGL based pictures browser application.
You can find it in the download section.

Monday 21st of June 2010
2k9 8000 range TV firmware has been released!

You can find it here (V 26.076, USB upgrade only)
Models supported are:
-47PFL8404H/12, 42PFL8404H/12, 40PFL8664H/12, 37PFL8404H/12, 32PFL8404H/12

The Philips Team
Saterday 12th of June 2010
JointSPACE Remote Applications are becoming a reality!

Philips TV firmware upgrade is now officially released.
-2k9 9000 range is now fully supported.
-2k9 8000 range and 2k10 will follow soon.

JointSPACE uses DirectFB Voodoo technologies to expose TV capabilities to a remote system.
This enables the development of new kind of applications for TVs.
Multiple development platforms and systems are currently supported: Linux, Cygwin, MacOS, I-Phone, NDS...
The Open source SDK invites to support new platforms in the future.

2k9 9000 range TV firmware can be found here (V 26.076, USB upgrade only)
Samples of remote applications and SDK can be found here (featuring games, emulators and utilities)
A step-by-step tutorial to develop your own Remote Applications can be found here

One time activation: jointSPACE needs to be enabled by entering the following digit sequence while watching TV
5646877223 (="jointspace" using multitap digit entry)

The Philips Team
Sunday 6th of June 2010
Simulator 1.5.1 released, featuring:
- New DirectFB extended for Voodoo Remote Screen support
- New application: jsApp, allowing running and validating jointSPACE remote applications on PC .

I also updated the VMWARE simulator demo image (jointSPACE_tce_128_demo_1.5.1.7z) for easy testing:
- Install VMWARE player
- Extract the demo image
- Double click on the vmx file (take care network is setup properly)
- Start a SHELL and type: cd /mnt/hda1 ; ./
- You can now start the remote application on the remote device. You should see it on the simulator!

Everything is available on the repository. Enjoy!

Tuesday 27th of February 2010
For people interresred, a demo of jointSPACE remote applications running on 2k9 PhilipsTV
can be found on Youtube.

jointSPACE on Youtube
Tuesday 19th of January 2010
jointSPACE Simulator V1.5 released.
See release notes for more details. No functionality add-on!

For people interrested, we have now few remote applications running on 2k9 TVs
Details and a movie will be posted soon...
Thurday 31th of December 2009
jointSPACE Simulator V1.4 released.
Few bugs been fixed to prepare imminent remote applications framework release!
The source archive can be found in the download section.
Friday 20th of November 2009
jointSPACE Simulator V1.3 released.
demoapp, a simple media player application, now replaces the helloworld application in the Home Screen (thanks to Dixit).
Be aware that demoapp requires xine and df_xine being installed properly on your system.
Read the installation procedure in the source archive carefully

The main purpose of demoapp is to illustrate URL playback from plfApi (and not the creation
a perfect media player!)
The source archive but also a demo can be found in the download section.
Jean-Marc & Dixit
Saturday 24th of October 2009
jointSPACE Simulator V1.2 released.
It can be found in the download section.
Saturday 17th of October 2009
Added SPACE ELC presentations in the presentations section of the Wiki.
Thursday 15th of October 2009
Added jointSPACE simulator first code drop in the download section.
Wednesday 14th of October 2009
Wikipedia page updated and project documentation added.
Tuesday 13th of October 2009
Welcome everyone to the jointSPACE web space!
I hope this rudimentary web page will help you to find your way on the Source Forge infrastructure hosting the project.
Philipsİ2009 by Jean-Marc